Beginning in Australia, Lampro has quickly risen to become one of the most superior brands in the beauty industry. We strive to set the gold standard in beauty.

It all started with our unique signature collection of beauty products, which had an ingredient that mimics the properties of the venom of the snake.

The essence of snake venom is a precious and vital component of anti-aging skincare. Used throughout the world for its medicinal qualities for thousands of years, we now bring to you premium quality cosmetics to enhance your natural beauty.

Lampro goes above and beyond any other skincare company; we only seek out the best ingredients, and we search far and wide to find them.

Using a patented Swiss award winning technology, Lampro has created products that are great for uplifting, facial brightening, and the temporary reduction of wrinkles. Studies have shown that by using this ingredient, the appearance of wrinkles reduce by up to 30 percent.

The power of snake venom goes far. The substance, known as SYN-AKE, works by first relaxing the facial muscles, which allows for an increase in skin elasticity.

Used in minute doses, the venom-like substance then helps to make the skin firm while reducing muscular movement, creating a temporary cease in the appearance of wrinkles.

Because this component is lab created, there is no actual venom used. The application is completely nontoxic and is highly soluble. The best part of all is that no injections or botox is needed.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has searched far and wide for the most precious substances on Earth to deliver the most ideal results in skincare.

Lampro specializes in the most exquisite beauty products in the world. We invite you to discover the outstanding results our products create.

Lampro believes no woman should be bounded by time. Some things age on Earth. Skin shouldn’t have to. Introducing the highest quality skincare womankind can ask for. We set a new standard in beauty.

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